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Kate Vincent - study into House Sparrow depletion in the UK   

     Decline in House Sparrows: Home Page

Welcome to my home page. My Doctoral thesis investigated the causes for the decline of the urban House Sparrow. My research was undertaken at De Montfort University, Leicester between November 2000 and October 2005. The main purpose of this site is to

  • provide an archive of my research work that is accessible to all

  • provide a possible vehicle for a broader public dialogue on this important issue

  • provide links to other relevant individuals and organisations

In this website you can read a brief overview of my research summary. You can also access the full copy of my thesis (opens in new window): Investigating the causes of the decline of the urban House Sparrow. In addition you can access some important and more recent  collaborative research (opens in new window): Reproductive success of house sparrows along an urban gradient,  published in the Journal of Animal Conservation in 2008

You can follow the news coverage surrounding the publication of my thesis and other scientifically refereed related papers, and view a list of presentations based either upon my research or exploring other aspects of urban ecology. There are links to those important organisations relevant to my work. Finally please feel free to read and subscribe to my blog.

Thank you for your interest in my work.

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