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Kate Vincent - study into House Sparrow depletion in the UK   

    House Sparrow decline: post-thesis presentations  (since 2006)

Where there is a link, copies of these Powerpoint (ppt) presentations can be downloaded direct to your machine. Where there is no link - or if you prefer not to download over the Internet - please email me for info on presentations

House Sparrow decline: pre-thesis presentations (before 2006)

During the research period I attended a number of conferences concerning house sparrow depletion. These are the most notable where I made personal presentations:

  • Annual British Bird-watching Fair Rutland Water, Leicestershire Aug 2001

  • Annual meeting of Conservation Science Research Dept. Cambridge Oct 2001

  • Leicester Nature Conservation Forum Leicester County Council April 2002

  • Annual meeting of Conservation Science Research Dept.  Cambridge Oct 2002

  • British Ecological Society Annual Conference Dec 2002

  • European ornithologists Union Annual Conference Chemnitz, Germany Aug 2003

  • Annual meeting of Conservation Science Research Dept. Cambridge Oct 2003

  • Annual Departmental Meeting RSPB Darlington Dec 2003

  • DEFRA Conference - House Sparrow decline London, City Hall Feb 2004

  • DMU Faculty Seminar March 2004

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